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Nikki is a lovely Pilates instructor. I have attended classes for a number of years with my daughter and we both benefit greatly with our healthy backs!
– Alyson S.

I have attended Nikki Killick’s Pilates Class for the last year and really feel the benefits. Nikki is extremely knowledgeable about the body and the different types of exercise that are so necessary to keep me fit and my body supple and makes each class so very enjoyable.
– Barbara Z.

Doing Pilates with Nikki is like having a personal trainer. She is very aware of your physical problems and knows which exercises will help you most. She never asks you to do anything outside your abilities, but moves forward at a pace she knows you can manage. Apart from all that Nikki is a very nice person.
– Hilary M.

I have suffered from long term intermittent back pain. In early 2013 I was advised to that strengthening my core would help, and that it would be a good idea to take up Pilates.
When I started I was very nervous about going to a ‘keep fit’ class with a lot of people I didn’t know. However Nikki is a wonderful teacher who puts everyone at their ease whatever their level of fitness.
Because of her help, I quickly got used to the exercise routines and started to enjoy the classes. That was a year ago. I now feel much stronger in my back, and more flexible in my body as a whole.
There is no quick fix, but if you keep doing your exercises, under Nikki’s expert guidance, I am sure you will feel fitter and healthier, and less likely to suffer back and joint pains.
– Paul W.

Since joining Nikki’s Pilates class, I have really benefitted both mentally and physically. I have noticed how more relaxed I have become and my posture has improved. Nikki makes the classes fun and challenging. I also like the one to one attention so everyone benefits from attending classes.
– Tracey L.

I enjoy my Pilates class with the attention given by Nikki to our personal fitness each week. She checks on any problems that may have developed since the last class and will tailor exercises accordingly, always ensuring we are not exacerbating the problem. Sometimes I think “do I have to go!” but always I think “I’m glad that I did”. Thanks for making Pilates fun, Nikki.
– Natalie C.